To Trading on financial markets

Big Data
We gather and utilize comprehensive, relevant data with regards to identifying potential risk factors
Actuarial Science
Evaluate and quantify risks using highly technical methods such as AI analytics and modelling before deciding on every trade.
Insurance Mechanism
Assurance Pool provides coverage against any trading losses, thereby ensuring full capital protection.

How is the GSC System created?

The "GSC Approach” takes its name from our 3-pronged approach toward the identification, modelling, measurement, valuation, monitoring and mitigation of market risks. This unique Approach combines Big Data with Actuarial Science and Insurance Mechanisms to ensure every trade is risk-free for our clients.

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About Us

Global Strategic Consultancy was founded by Robin Hu, whose professional background was in the field of actuarial science.

Having spent over 16 years working in the General Insurance industry in which he served as an Actuary, Underwriter and Loss Control Specialist, Robin has extensive experience in the field of risk analysis and management...

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Our Strategy

Our objective is to establish a highly sustainable, revolutionary ecosystem that will provide all members with a comprehensive range of products and services pertaining trading on financial markets.

The strategy we have adopted with regards to achieving the above-mentioned objective is to focus on building a sizeable community of members, capable of supporting and sustaining the ecosystem by assisting members of our community to gain wealth from the financial markets, in a risk-free manner...

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