What We Do

As a company that strives to deliver Security & Assurance for our clients in highly dynamic and at times, unpredictable environments which is characteristic of financial markets trading, Global Strategic Consultancy Limited focuses on the following key areas so as to be able to deliver absolute peace of mind to our clients.

Research & Development (R&D)

We are constantly carrying out R&D of Technologies & Know-How with regards to effectively mitigate risks in financial markets trading.

Market risk measurement and Aanalytics

Assessment of portfolio risk models such as value-at-risk calculations.

Balance sheet risk management

Evaluate models for measuring and reporting liquidity risk, interest rate risk management and funds transfer pricing, providing advise on better practice in relation to the broader management of these risks.

Valuations and validations

We value complex financial derivatives and test the methodologies underlying those products.

Counterparty credit risk

Testing of credit exposure models in traded markets and the provision of advise on better practice methods in measuring exposure at default on traded risk positions.

Trader conduct

Provision of advice pertaining to reducing the risks of trader misconduct and financial market manipulation.