About Us

Global Strategic Consultancy Limited is a company whose business is focused on providing risk advisory and mitigation services pertaining to financial markets trading for the average retail investor.

Incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, the Company’s team combines different first-class talents in the fields of financial markets trading, data analysis, technology systems and marketing.

At Global Strategic Consultancy Limited, our Purpose is to “Assure Your Trading Capital” in every trade.

Our Beginnings

Global Strategic Consultancy was founded by Robin Hu, whose professional background was in the field of actuarial science.

Having spent over 16 years working in the General Insurance industry in which he served as an Actuary, Underwriter and Loss Control Specialist, Robin has extensive experience in the field of risk analysis and management.

The years of experience dealing with Risks led Robin to realize how the average retail investor is placed at an unfair disadvantage due in part to a lack of access to professional risk advisory and mitigation services.

Realizing that there was tremendous business opportunity in developing products and services which can reliably identify, assess and mitigate risk for the average retail investor, Robin founded Global Strategic Consultancy with a team of Like-minded actuaries, data scientists and professional traders.

Our Mission

“We are committed to providing unique, innovative and ground-breaking products and services that help retail investors build wealth in a risk-free manner.”

Our Vision

“We aspire to be a highly valued partner and resource to the average retail trader & investor, providing them with effective, efficient, impactful and innovative solutions that enable them to seize opportunities while minimizing risk.”

Our Strategy

Our objective is to establish a highly sustainable, revolutionary ecosystem that will provide all members with a comprehensive range of products and services pertaining trading on financial markets.

The strategy we have adopted with regards to achieving the above-mentioned objective is to focus on building a sizeable community of members, capable of supporting and sustaining the ecosystem by assisting members of our community to gain wealth from the financial markets, in a risk-free manner...